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Rejection is painful to feel, to see, or worse, to do. It comes in different forms, it streams in different lives and it's happening every day everywhere in the world. Some people might have the power to control or choose what to be accepted. But is it all, is it that simple? As an individual, how do you confront it? As an artist, what impact would rejection have on you? How does it make you feel?


"The Rejects" is looking for two things:


1. Artistic expressions concerning the theme in the body of work



2. Unsuccessful entries and works that have not been selected in other curated shows.


"I'm just an individual who doesn't feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I'm working for me." ― David Bowie. For that, we hope it will give us a chance to better understand the story and the feeling behind the cold standard font message on the computer screen.  We want to bring together the 'ejected' works and re-insert them and we encourage the artist to come up with a response (literally in text i.e email) as a footnote to the artwork.


If you are submitting a previously unsuccessful entry elsewhere, please include the below info in the application/email:

- name of call/show and gallery

- the written message for the unsuccessful application

- the given reason for not selecting the work

- your response after being notified

Please do note that works contain fascist, xenophobic or homophobic content will not be considered.

Deadline:  20 May 2019

Medium: any medium is accepted but only audio and/or visual format will be displayed

Number of entries: no limit, please send additional entries via email

Files: send links to works for application and digital files via email, dropbox or wetransfer only after confirmation

Dates: artists will be notified within two weeks after the entry is closed.  Opening of the online show will be in June, date to be confirmed

Questions?  Please write to kickoff[@]