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cold bench art community
cold bench art community


Bench warming is awful, we know. That's why on cold bench, talented players artists at all stages of any disciplines are welcome to summit their art and let people appreciate it.

Through times, cold bench has become an art community for new and emerging artists to focus on the making of art without thinking about selling and likes. It is a place where artists, hobby artists, designers, basically anyone with a creative mind, to be true and honest to create, to share and enjoy the work of one another.

We are an artist-run site that is free and open to everyone. You can read our epic story hereThe costs are covered from our pockets. If you want to make a donation, thank you! You can click on any of our benches (supporting since 2013) and... taak!


Anytime is a good time. We are always open at wherever you want us to be; the long queue at thepost office, parent's house, the colosseum, you name it.


Questions? Anything you want to get off the bench? Let us know!

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