May 20, 2017

Hi from Canada!

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I'm a new media artist and writer based between several major Canadian cities. My practice examines intergenerational memory, liminal identities and the importance of oral tradition. Generally my work manifests itself as transmedia, with a focus on the text-based, performative, technological and social.

May 20, 2017

sounds very interesting, can't wait to see your work 🙌

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  • My name is Meredith Lawhead, I'm a senior in college getting my BFA in Painting and Drawing at Purchase College,NY. Currently in my practice I have been focusing on the duality between the internal and external female-self using found materials. Here's one of my little guys!
  • Where_ I am? In the desert of Fuerteventura, Canarie Island (seems to be Spain). I am and Italian artist based in Prague and travelling 5 months around the south of Europe. I can consider myself a multidisciplinary artist but here I share the works that I am realizing in this journey, basically paintings and video. Why _ In my last work I am questioning the real dimension of European territory, the underdevelopment of the south of the Mediterranean and the development of northern Europe. Which is the meaning of development criteria today? Where is the improvement in this model of life? What is missing and what we must save to grow in connection not just with wi-fi but also with our immaterial cables who ground us in the land and in the sky.