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cold bench airo
cold bench airo


The third edition of AIRO is finally here! We would like to make a shout out to all experimental, improvisational and passionate art makers out there to join us on our site; to brainstorm, to create, to realize.


AIRO is designed to help artists commit to their project without strict deadlines but still be able to keep their work on track. We also encourage artists to exchange information and update progress via the AIROforum; helping us to form a small community for sharing ideas, opinions, skills and artlife. AIRO will be hosting 2 to 5 artists each time.

Application: 3 to 2 weeks before chosen session begins

Duration: minimum 1 session*

Timeframe: from 15 April 2017 to 15 August 2018

Eligibility: artists at any stage

Disciplines: all disciplines

Cost: None

*each session starts on the 15th of the month and ends on the 15th of following month

What you need:

  • electronic device(s) to go online to edit and update the work in progress

  • artists should be prepared to fully utilize video and image-sharing sites/apps such as youtube, vimeo, instagram, flickr, etc


What to expect:

  • artists will be sharing a 'studio', each will have a 'space' on the studio page

  • work in progress should be updated regularly and frequently

  • artists can choose to communicate via text, audio and/or video

  • each artist should prepare a brief documentation of their progress at the end of the residency

  • airoforum is a common area where resident artists:-

    • introduce themselves when the residency begins

    • organize artist talks and open studio

    • share studio/gallery/museum visits at your current location

    • share ideas, ask questions, make conversations

cold bench airo
cold bench airo
ciold bench airo
cold bench airo
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