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AIRO Easter 2020 for Solidarity - Bringing Artists in Isolation Together

Flour, Water

What are we baking?

Welcome to the third edition of AIRO! In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are doing social distancing and many of us are in quarantine. To combat the virus and the fear and hatred that comes along, we have gathered 38 artists in affected countries to show solidarity through their creation.


The theme //A Piece of My Mind Cake - Colomba// is inspired by the traditional Italian Easter dove cake, that symbolizes peace, spirit and freedom.


The story goes like... "The oldest of which dates to the 6th century, when King Alboin (Former King of the Lombards) lay siege to the castle of Pavia. It is said that when the castle surrendered, he was offered a dove-shaped sweet bread as a symbol of peace" says on artecibo.

Easter is coming, instead of giving a piece of our mind because we are isolated, scared or angry, we create and share a piece of compassion and mindfulness.

A piece of our mind cake...  We are a small team based in Milan, Italy and we have been in isolation shortly before the official lockdown of the region. It is an uncertain time for everyone, but this big wake up call has showed us the importance to protect our community; the weak and vulnerable. Life in quarantine is not as miserable if we don't turn it into one; because through dark times will come life and hope.


The truth is... spring is here and Easter is on the way, let's celebrate what we have now and enjoy some art!

Other artists who are baking with us

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